Incredible Gift Basket Ideas for Friends Who Travel Abroad (Part IV)

Get your friend a selfie stick so they can capture even more of the memories made while traveling.

Selfie-Stick/Mini Tripod

Ok, selfie sticks aren’t cool, but a traveler actually will find this very useful and love it! This is the kind of tripod that you use for a GoPro. The tripod attachment means that you can set it on time-lapse or capture a bigger scene. It’s a good gift for an ex-pat friend that does plenty of solo travel and wants to be able to take pictures by themselves. There are various attachments that mean that you can use it with a phone as well.

Waterproof and Wireless Travel Speaker

Investing in a sound system when you’re an ex-pat is a huge deal. They’re not the smallest or cheapest and they really aren’t something that would be a sign to move back home with you. Having a waterproof and wireless travel speaker is a better choice than putting your phone in a bowl for augmentation but without the commitment of a stereo. More, you can take it with you when you travel.

Scrubba Wash Bag

These things are fabulous and a great gift for someone moving overseas or going on a long trip. Particularly if they might not have access to a laundry for some time or be moving around while they look for housing. It doubles as a laundry bag and a bag that aids you to do your laundry on the go.

Personalized Photo Calendar

Make a calendar they can put on their wall for the next year. You can utilize photos of you together, pics of places at home, or even motivating quotes about traveling and living overseas. Bonus points for adding birthdays of family and friends at home. Etsy is one of the best websites for personalized gifts, and they have tons of customized photo calendar choices. 

Mug from home

Gifting a traveler with a groovy mug from home can brighten them up in the morning, or when they’re sitting down for a cup of tea after a long day. Depending on the country, you can look at Etsy or Amazon for cute handmade choices.