Incredible Gift Basket Ideas for Friends Who Travel Abroad (Part V)



Like gifting an experience, vouchers can be used for intangible goods, or for things your ex-pat friend truly needs. Instead of using a website like above, you can go right to a place and send your loved one a voucher for it. It could be a dinner, spa treatment, or a weekend away. Try to cunningly ask your traveler or research top restaurants and experiences in the local area where they live to see if they provide gift vouchers.

Food from home

It may appear cliché, but trust, as an ex-pat, you really appreciate food from home as a gift. Think chocolates, favorite condiments, and favorite candies. There are times you can find these foods in online shops and have them sent direct. Otherwise, you can put together a package and mail the gift overseas to your friend or relative whoever is the traveler. 

Coffee Table Books

I love these big coffee table type travel books. They’re fun to thumb through and offer ideas or go over travel memories. They make a home feel more like a traveler’s home! You might want to keep a couple of these for yourself.

They will need a safe place to keep all their photos from their time traveling abroad.


This is possibly a more thoughtful or useful gift for a traveler who is staying in one place for a while. Make a photo book of your experiences together so they can put it on their bookshelf and thumb through it when they feel like it. Or, if you know they’ve taken hundreds of travel photos and not done anything with them except put them on social media, then you could get some and make a book of their experiences. This one is a little chancier but can be very appreciated when you don’t have time to put a photobook together yourself.