Ideas for Welcome Back Homecoming Gift Baskets (Part I)


When your favorite soldier comes home from training or a deployment, getting them a welcome home gift is a beautiful touch. It helps them know that they were greatly missed and that you are happy that they are back. The welcome back home gift basket ideas on this list are a good place to start when you are ready to shop for your favorite soldier.

Unique Welcome Home Gifts for Soldiers

An army flask is an excellent addition to your homecoming gift basket.

Army Flask

An Army flask is very simple, but also really awesome as well. They will cherish it wherever they go.

Captain America Keychain

Your favorite soldier is like your very own Captain America, fighting for your freedom and kicking butt at the same time. 

“Hooah” Cookie Cutter

Make some cookies in the shape of the word “Hooah” for their homecoming. They will really like eating them all up. 

You belong here… Welcome home” Sign

Show them how much you appreciate it when they are home with this “You belong here… Welcome home” sign. The good news is that you will have it for the next time they come home.

“Best. Soldier. EVER!” Shirt

Your favorite soldier is beyond the best soldier ever.

Chocolate Army Men

Chocolate army men are fun. They can play with them and then eat them afterward.

AR15 Bottle Opener

Every soldier should own an AR15 bottle opener to pop open those beer bottles when they are chilling with their buddies or at home.

Grenade Tie Bar

A grenade tie bar will complement their suit in style.

“The Mission” Personalized Army Prayer Journal

Help them keep track of their prayers, for their fellow soldiers, their loved ones, or other people. It isn’t always simple to keep them all organized. However, with this journal, they will be able to do a better job.


Creative Gift Basket Ideas for Artists

Adult coloring books are the optimal gift for the artist in your life.

Some of the top gifts for artists will appeal to their creative and artistic nature or make their job a little more comfortable or fun. Below are some of the best gifts to get their creative juices going or keep them flowing.

Brush Vase

Get a brush vase with a striking design and is particularly apt for the painter in your life. The base of the vase can be made up of various sized paintbrushes. Buy one that will be easily seen on any desk.

Artist Brush & Stylus

This brush is really a stylus that allows an artist to bring their touch right into a tablet or smartphone. It’s a blending of the new and the old as it gives them a familiar tool in the form of a paintbrush. Though, it’s a new canvas in the form of a touch screen.

Expert Level Coloring Book

Give them a challenge with a professional level coloring book. They’ll have to possess some rock-solid concentration to remain in the lines when there are so many various lines. But the finished pieces come out looking fabulous and any artist will love a break from having to create from scratch.

Artistic Coasters

Do you know an artist that likes to showcase their work on Instagram? If so, you can surprise them with artistic coasters that can be made by taking Instagram pics and putting them into coaster form. An eye-catching gift.

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet

Ideal for those who are just learning graphic design or those who are experts at it, this pen has new technology. This means it supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, so it’ll pick up any tiny stroke you do. What a way for the artist in your life to totally express their creativity.

Gift Basket Ideas for Burger Lovers

Do you know someone who’s crazy about burgers? These gifts will put a smile on their face.

Do you know someone who would eat a burger every day of the week if they could? Purchase them one of these burger-inspired gifts.

Burger Press

Make the perfect burger each time with a cast-aluminum press. Regardless if you like a pub-style burger or a burger patty on the slim side, you can regulate the thickness and weight of every press.

Burger + Fries Socks

Show your devotion to burgers everywhere you go with a pair of patterned socks. Made of combed, premium cotton, they’re ideal for layering under a pair of dress pants or jeans.

Burger Flipper

Guarantee an even char on your burgers with a durable flipper. It’s perfect for maneuvering under a patty.

Burger Pillow

You’ve probably never thought about cozying up with a hamburger until now. An adorable mini burger pillow is a comfy addition to your couch, bed, or kitchen.

Melting Dome

Get gooey cheese in each bite of your burger with the aid of a melting dome. This stainless-steel gadget goes over a burger as it cooks, keeping the heat inside and rapidly melting the cheese.

Burger Friendship Keychains

Remember those old friendship necklaces you own in school? This contemporary equivalent is an adorable burger keychain. You keep one half and give the other to a fellow burger-lover.

Burger Lift

Say bye to mushy buns. This clever device lifts a burger creation off the plate. So regardless of how juicy your burger gets the bun stays dry.

Potato Cutter

Who can eat a burger without fries? A durable potato cutter converts plain old spuds into perfect slices ready for frying. Get the ketchup ready!

Mini Slider Set 

Slider lovers, this is for you! This creative item makes it simple to press, shape, and cook the perfect set of mini burgers.

Music Lover Gift Basket Ideas (Part II)


Music – the most vital element in a music lover gift basket! Give the latest album of the recipient’s favorite artist or a collection of his/her preferred music genre. Also, you can download and create a customized collection yourself legally and for free. If you aren’t sure what your recipient’s taste is you can get him/her a gift card in music to Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

If your music lover enjoys CD’s then getting them an organizer to keep it in is perfect.

CD rack/ storage box – music lovers usually collect music albums. If your recipient collects CD albums, you can buy her/him a CD storage box or CD rack that can double function as the gift’s container.

Musical instrument gadgets – a roll-up drum kit or electric piano are foldable and portable mats imitating the real thing. Many come with built-in speakers and some hook up to a computer.

Musical instruments – Include a musical instrument as well as for instructions on how to play it. For example, a guitar, a recorder flute, a harmonica, or a miniature drum. If your recipient is someone living with you, you might want to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. 

Vinyl records/cassette tapes digital converter – for music record/cassette collectors who would love to have their collection in a digital format. Also known as USB turntables.

Concert tickets – if you know what your recipient’s favorite artists or musical preferences are and you can afford it, this is one of the top music lover gifts to give.

Karaoke set – for those who love listening to music but also like to sing. If this is someone in your household, you might want to get yourself a pair of noiseless earbuds. 

Shower radio – a water-resistant radio to have in the shower for those who want to listen to music even when they are in the bathroom.

Music Lover Gift Basket Ideas (Part I)

These gifts will keep your music lover jamming.

These music lover gifts will make an excellent gift basket any music lover would love to get. Regardless if she/he plays a musical instrument, loves listening to music, or works in a music-related job (music teachers) or just loves to sing in the shower.

Container – CD storage box, basket, and a bag with built-in speakers.

Earphones – an essential music lover gift. Ranging from small earphones in all colors and shapes which are excellent for digital music listeners to heavy-duty pro ones for home stereo listeners, DJs, etc. You should go for earphones with volume control if you can.

Portable speakers – let music lovers share their music with folks around them. The durable ones need a power outlet and others just plug into a music source.

Bag with built-in speakers – a great item, especially for students or people who go on picnics. It can double function as a gift container.

3.5mm audio jack splitter – let you plug two sets of earphones to the same device so two individuals can take pleasure in the same music at the same time.

FM transmitter – a good little gadget for music lovers with a car stereo. It broadcasts music from your plugged-in SD card/memory stick / MP player to a radio channel of your choice. You just tune your radio to your selected channel and listen to your music via your car’s stereo. By the way, if your gift recipient still has a cassette player in the car, there’s also a cassette adapter for many car stereos.

MP (media player) – if your music lover doesn’t own a media player, why not get him or her one and upload some of their favorite music on it? No need to spend a lot of money on one. There are some affordable MPs in the market that are completely functional.

Marriage Retreat Gift Basket Ideas

These gift ideas are perfect for the couples attending your marriage retreat.

If your organization or church is hosting a marriage retreat, and you’re in need of gift ideas for attendees, it’s not necessary to spend plenty of money to put a couple in the mind to reconnect. Simple gift bags full of themed candy can warm a couple’s desire for each other. 

Maybe the most distinct thing about having a marriage retreat is that instead of just benefiting the individual, you are trying to benefit two individuals in relation to one another. Each phase of your retreat is supposed to strengthen two people, moving them closer to each other and to God.

This eventually means that each detail of your marriage retreat, such as the gifts you give to your attending couples must reflect that end goal. If you fear that you don’t have any idea that does just that, don’t fret. Read below to learn about perfect gift ideas for couples attending a marriage retreat.

Devotions for a Sacred Marriage

This devotional is supposed to remind couples of God’s objectives for marriage and how they are supposed to glorify Him in their relationships. In buying this as a gift for your attendees, you are giving them 12 months of biblical insight to meditate on and grow closer.   

 A Couple’s Adventure Guide for Praying, Playing and Staying Together

This book looks at 52 different dates that couples can go on while featuring scripture, prayer, and godly truth into them all. Your retreat guests will love this unique take on what it means to be a married couple.

 Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives

These cards offer thought-provoking questions as well as relevant scripture that will surely start some good discussions in any relationship. Meaningful, enriching, and humorous all in one, Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives will really prove to be useful for your attendees now and in the future. 


Pastor Gift Basket Ideas

Give your pastor one more blessing.

Pastors serve their community and congregation all year-round. Regardless if it’s your pastor’s anniversary, birthday, or pastor appreciation week, people who have been a recipient of the pastor’s devotion can express their love with a gift basket.

Gift baskets are an excellent way to show love for your pastor. With all the work poured into the congregation week after week without any thanks, a pastor should get encouragement just as much as anyone else. 

Putting care and thought into a gift basket will make a big difference. If you are the one putting together the basket and require some ideas for what would make your pastor’s day, below are a few things for you to consider.

Basket of Appreciation

Write notes that let the pastor how much you appreciate him or her. Include particular incidents or reasons why he is important to you. Have everyone in your family draw pictures or write notes. Let the congregation join you in filling this basket.

Basket of Gift Cards

Secretly ask the congregation to buy a gift card for the pastor. Also, you can ask local businesses for donations for the pastor. Gather the cards along with any menus or information about the business. Put them all in a basket situated with the pastor’s favorite nuts and candies.

Food Gift Baskets

Food is a timeless gift basket choice. Pick a theme for the basket, like an Italian meal with a loaf of crusty bread, noodles, cheese, sauce, and wrap it all in a tablecloth. Pack a basket full of fruit, chocolates, or surprise your pastor one day with a basket full of breakfast items, like jam, homemade muffins, coffee, and teas.

Personal Item Gift Basket

Select practical items that your pastor can use. Restock his or her favorite personal care items, like hand lotions, mints, toothpaste, or mouthwash. You could also focus on the office, home, or car with consumable items that will be love (pens, batteries, stamps). 

Sunday School Teacher Gift Basket Ideas

Sunday school teachers work hard to bring God’s word to you each week, you can show them your appreciation by getting them a gift basket that they will love.

Looking for unique and fun gift basket ideas for your child’s Sunday School teacher? Below are some great ones to consider.

5 x Christian Gift Butterflies 

5 x Handmade Christian Bible verse illustrated 3D butterflies with bible verses such as Isaiah 61 v. 3, Isaiah 43 v. 16, Genesis 15 v.1, Deuteronomy 31 v. 6, and Romans 15 v. 18. Butterflies denote re-birth and new life.

Fruit of the Spirit Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Tree

These trees come in multiple pieces depending on the size. Larger sizes will have more pieces, smaller sizes come in groups of color.

God Only Knows T-Shirt

WWJD Bracelet

The changeable feature guarantees these pieces deliver a snug fit without being too tight or always sliding off the wrist. Also, they are super simple to take off and put on. No-fuss and no muss! 

Wish Bracelet

These slight bracelets are individually handmade and are the perfect gifts for any special occasion.

The legend states it is thought that the wearer must make a wish while tying on the bracelet. When the bracelet falls off naturally, their wish is understood to be ready to come true.

Charm Bracelet

A beautiful way to express appreciation and gratitude of a special Sunday school teacher, CCE teacher, catechist, church helper, choir instructor.

This bangle will make an incredible gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or a simple “just because” moment. 

Cross Notepads

These notepads make exceptional gifts for a Sunday School teacher or anyone else! Ideal for grocery lists, to-do lists, notes to the teacher, etc.

Sunday School Teacher Mug

This low-priced and funny gift idea makes the ideal choice for putting a smile on a face. The recipient of this mug will have a hearty laugh and enjoy seeing this fabulous design each time they pour themselves a cup of tea or coffee.

Real Estate Closing Gift Basket (Part II)


A Consultation with a Local Landscape Designer

If there’s one home decorating area where even plenty of design snobs are at a loss, it’s the landscaping industry. As a result, numerous homeowners just skip it, not knowing just how striking of an effect a well-crafted yard can have on their house.

That’s why an hour or so consultation with a professional local landscape designer can be an excellent closing gift idea for new homeowners. It’s something they may not think about that can have a significant impact on how their living space feels and looks.

A robotic vacuum is a great gift idea for a real estate closing gift basket.

An Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robotic Vacuum

While a standard vacuum is a downright offending gift for most people, (consider the message you’re sending!) a robotic vacuum will make your tech geek clients smile like little children at Christmas.

Of course, the only problem is that these things are priced sky high up until now. Today, you can get a well-reviewed robotic vacuum that has an app, sync with Amazon’s Alexa, and even charges itself when the battery runs out, all for just $200.

If your client is more of a brand snob, you can upgrade them to the first Irobot Roomba for no more than $300. Still a good bargain for a gift that ticks both the neat and useful boxes that most gifts can’t.

The Nest Hello Smart Doorbell

In 2019 even doorbells are intelligent and clever. One of the best is the Nest Hello Smart. Purchase this as a real estate closing gift for your new homeowner and they will be capable of seeing who’s at the door from their phone and never miss a visitor or package again.

Even better, similar to Nest’s namesake thermostat, it’s well-crafted enough to complement any exterior design quite nicely.

Real Estate Closing Gift Basket (Part I)


Finding the ideal real estate closing gifts for every seller and buyer client you work with isn’t simple. With that being said, if you get it just right, you won’t only have a referral source for the next couple of months, but you could create an evangelist of your services for a long time.

The cunning part is deciding what your client wants. That has been included in this article. It’s finding gifts that are personal but not too customized, have significance but not too much, and remind your clients not only that you care, but that you’re the local specialist they can depend on for years to come.

A Wishing House

What provides a lucky rabbit’s foot with its sentimental value? Of course, the answer is the dreams and wishes of the one who owns it.

Wishing Houses, handmade by Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Brauna Rosen, lets you give your client a gift that has sentimental value.

A Shaggy Swag subscription will make your client’s pets happy as well.

A Shaggy Swag Gift Box Subscription

Let’s be real, today’s pampered pooches live better than most humans! Well, that might or might not be true. However, pets have gradually become a focal point in many folk’s lives and for good reasons. Taking care of a pet delivers health advantages for owners, not to mention maybe saving a life for the furry little rascals.

If your client is a certified dog daddy or mommy, then they’ll totally love the fun and unique items they’ll get from the Shaggy Swag gift box. Instead of dull old bones, their little fur family members get essentials, high-quality toys, and treats.

The best thing about these subscriptions is that even if your client erases your phone number right after

Closing, you get to feel good about continuing to keep a little furry friend happy for a whole year.