Health and Fitness Gift Basket Ideas

These are some great gifts for that person on your gift list that are into health and fitness.

If there is someone in your life that is into fitness, you may want to put together a fitness gift basket. This allows you the freedom of picking any items you want for the basket instead of purchasing a single gift. Here are a few different things you can put in this sort of gift basket.

Cooling Towel

When someone is into fitness, they typically need to bring along a towel. They will need a towel when going to the gym, home, on a hike or a long walk. You can provide them with a fresh, new towel that is absorbent, soft, and cooling.

There are some great towels that are made with microfibers that also have cooling fibers to help your recipient cool off when getting sweaty and hot from their workout. It is a great addition to any fitness gift basket.

Gift Cards

Remember when you are putting together a gift basket, there is nothing wrong with putting in a couple of gift cards.

These can be for a local spa where they can get a massage after a marathon, or to a sports supply store where they can buy fitness equipment.

You can also give a gift card to a fitness store that sells supplements, clothing, and protein powder.


Fitness enthusiasts that do outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, or running may need a way to carry personal items.

An armband is truly a solid purchase. There are now armbands that can hold little items they could need but don’t want to keep in their pockets including ID, cash, cellphone, earbuds, and credit cards. They can also put their car or house key inside the armband as well.

Blender Bottle

If you know someone that is into fitness and frequently drinks protein shakes, include a blender bottle in their gift basket. These bottles have a little blending blade inside so that they can add the water, powder, and other ingredients right to the bottle, attach the lid and shake.

Gift Basket Ideas for Your Sewing Enthusiast

A sewing gift basket contains all the perfect supplies for the sewing enthusiast in your life.

Do you have a new sewing enthusiast on your gift list? Could it be that sewing lover is you? Here’s a great gift basket idea to give someone who’s just stepped into the world of sewing

I found a pretty little open bag that has lots of inside and outside pockets. It’s just the perfect size to hold all the supplies we wanted to gift her but was not so large that it was problematic.

List of Sewing Enthusiast Gift Basket Supplies

  • New scissors- regular and pinking shears
  • Scissor sharpener
  • Rulers, one short, one longer
  • Seam allowance ruler
  • Tape measure
  • Scotch-Brite™ Lint Roller
  • Needle “tomato”
  • Extra bobbins for sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Hand needles
  • Scotch-Brite™ 50% Stickier Lint Roller
  • Magnetic holder filled with pins
  • Seam ripper
  • Button box
  • Needle threader
  • Thimble
  • Paper hem gauge
  • Fabric


Sewing enthusiast gift basket:

You can include a small button box in this gift basket. My grandma always said that everyone needs to have a button box and that has always stayed with me. For me, I put a few of the buttons that were in the button box my grandma gave me several years ago to put in my sewing gift basket. I felt it was fitting since the recipient was a young lady beginning her career as a seamstress.

You have to include a couple of pairs of new scissors since the fact is that fabric scissors need to only be used on fabric. These scissors aren’t to be used for anything else.

You can find the Scotch-Brite Lint Roller in the cleaning aisle. At some stores, you can find extreme lint rollers such as Scotch-Brite 50% Stickier Lint Rollers. You might want to include one of these since it can be used to pick up heavier items such as spilled pins and needles.


Gift Basket Ideas for Makeup Lovers

If you know a girl who loves to do her make up, then she will love this gift basket.

Makeup is a girl’s best friend, except for their shoes. We all have that one friend who thinks that “makeup is life”. They have this vast collection of beauty and make-up products that can last them a lifetime but still desires more.

So, if you are presently looking for the ideal present to give to a makeup lover, why not try one of these gift basket ideas that will make any makeup lover sway! They will love you forever!

Any makeup addict has a complete set of makeup from foundations to lip gloss. But it is never wrong to create a gift basket full with assorted makeup including lipsticks, lip tints, foundations, blush, mascara, eyeliners, eye-shadows, and more. In fact, she will fall in love with it. If you need help deciding what to get, go to YouTube or any online beauty blog for some cool ideas.

She will have more shades and hues to pick from and get creative with her makeup. And even though she may have a makeup collection that can last her a lifetime, truly there are always new makeup products coming out that she does not have and would really love to try out.

Assorted Makeup Tools Gift Basket

If you think she doesn’t have any more rooms for new makeup products, then give her a basket filled with makeup tools as well as makeup storages. Makeup tools like various size makeup brushes, makeup spatulas to scrape every little drop of foundation from the bottle, eyelashes curler, lipstick markers so she won’t waste actual lipsticks marking and so much more.

For makeup storage, you can add a few various sized pouches for to-go makeup storage as well as brush and lipstick holders. Or, you can add a makeup organizer that can be really helpful for any makeup lovers.

Laundry Gift Basket

Everyone has to do laundry so, why not make it easier with a gift basket full of supplies.

Celebrating the arrival of a new mom-to-be? There’s nothing like a wonderful laundry gift basket to help her welcome her bundle of joy. And picking the right goodies to put inside makes all the difference. Thankfully, this solid list has a vast range of must-haves not to mention for mommy and daddy’s clothes as well.

I believe a Laundry Gift Basket would be an incredible gift for anyone. A college student who finally moved out of the dorm into their own apartment. Even Grandma would really love this gift.

If you don’t have anyone on your list that would enjoy a laundry gift basket, you can just create a basket and fill it with other items such as household cleaning products. Create your own theme! The point is to make a basket that is from the heart.

  • Wicker laundry basket
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Ideas to put into the Gift Basket:
  • Lavender scented clothespins
  • A bottle filled with homemade, eco-green laundry detergent
  • Dryer balls
  • Lavender dryer bags from Trader Joes
  • Fels Naptha Soap (available at any supermarket in the laundry aisle)
  • Linen scented hand soap from Trader Joes
  • Fresh towels
  • Bar soap
  • “Laundry Loads & Loads of Fun” Artwork
  • Laundry Basket
  • Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Stain Removers
  • Wrinkle Release
  • Febreeze
  • Lint Roller
  • Clothespins
  • Roll of quarters
  • Hangers
  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Rags

Housecleaning items

If there is room, put in a couple of household cleaning supply items. Or just create a basket filled with household cleaning products. Below are just a couple that are loved by lots of folks.

Organic/All-Natural Fabric Refresher

Organic, fabric refresher will freshen the air and totally eliminate odors without the use of chemicals or toxins.

All-Natural Cleaning Spray

  • All-natural cleaning spray is perfect for:
  • wiping off kitchen counters
  • quick cleaning in the bathroom
  • cleaning mirrors
  • everyday cleaning of small kitchen appliances


Nail Care Gift Basket

A nail care set is an excellent gift for the girl in your life.

If you are looking for gift ideas for her, you can never go wrong with a nail care gift basket. It’s a great gift idea for wife, sister, mom, grandma, girlfriend or any female aged 10 and up, although little girls like to paint their nails too. They also make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift basket.

Lots of women love applying a fresh coat of nail polish onto their finger or toenails because It looks fabulous and it feels good. It really brightens up their day. Some women find it to be a great form of therapy.

Get a few or all the items below and put them together to create an amazing nail care gift basket!

  • Container – basket, cosmetics bag, bowl
  • Liquid soap – to mix with warm water in a bowl and soak fingers in as the first step to a manicure.
  • Small Bowl – to soak fingers in once water and soap are in
  • Hand towel – to dry hands after soaking them.
  • Nail polish remover – to remove old nail polish before applying a new one
  • Cotton balls – to remove old nail polish.
  • Nail scissors / clipper – to trim nails.
  • Cuticle kit – for handling cuticles.
  • Orangewood sticks – to clean under nails and push cuticles back.
  • Nail polish – the most crucial item in a nail care gift basket. It can even be the only ingredient if you include an assortment of nail polish bottles in your basket. There’s a real wide range to choose from.
  • Emery board – to smoothen the nail surface before applying nail polish.
  • Nail file – to shape nails before applying nail polish.
  • Nail clear base coat – some apply a clear base coat before applying the colored nail polish.
  • Topcoat Nail Polish – can be applied on top of colored nail polish to seal and protect the colored polish.
  • Healthy Nail lotion – yep, there are lotions just for nails.
  • Toes separator – these foam separators or “spacers” are useful when applying toenail polish in case your recipient is into pedicures.

Gift Baskets for Caregivers


Caregiver gift baskets are the ideal way to express our care, love, and kindness for those who care for others. Caregivers are neighbors, family, and friends who stand by those they love as they deal with aging, chronic illness, and disability. We all will know someone at some time taking on this untiring work. It can be rewarding, but it is typically exhausting, overwhelming, and very lonely. These are the folks who need our support. Give them a gift basket filled with these wonders.

Caregivers work hard and a healing music CD would be a perfect gift for them.

Healing Music CD- Healing Baskets Exclusive. A healing music CD is filled with music that will touch their hearts and soothe their souls.

Thanks, Window Cards -These beautiful little window cards can celebrate friends, honor others, cherish family, give thanks, and create memories.

Gratitude Blessing Ring – This beautiful piece of jewelry can be kept in a pocket, worn as jewelry, or put on a key loop. Blessing Rings touch lives and in return touch lives. It usually comes in a little bag. This circular charm reads “Gratitude Blessing Ring” on one side and “with thanks and appreciation” on the reverse.

Healing Candles – Healing candles are designed with a specific intention using various colors and scents. These candles are made of essential oil fragrance like plum water lily pear, jasmine, and sandalwood.

Healing candles also are used to produce good health, positive energy, and healing. Let laughter and happiness flow freely around you and around those that you care about. They are hand-poured using the finest wax and purest blend of essential oils.

Lip Balm with a Message – Every person alive loves a lip balm. They make quite a useful gift. You can get ones that are fragranced or fragrance-free as well as those that have a message on them. Fruit-flavored lip balms are the best!


Gift Baskets for Garden and Plant Lovers

Accessorize your houseplants with this gift basket.

Houseplants have grown in popularity in recent times and for good reason. They have the capability to alter any living space into a flourishing and bright environment. Some even clean the air and make folks feel calm and relaxed. With over three hundred thousand known species, there’s a plant to satisfy every home, personality, and lifestyle. Here are some gift baskets ideas.

Whimsical Face Vases

Give a plain teacup a playful makeover by adding some simple artwork. Make an assortment of silly faces, add some small plants to produce “hair”, and hand these out to any plant enthusiast.

Sand Terrariums With Air Plants

Colored sand produces unique patterns to give these small terrariums a little edge. These small works of art are the ideal display for an assortment of air plants and would make solid gifts any day of the year.

Tiled Moroccan Planters

Colorful, exotic tiles bring these vibrant DIY planters to life. Pair them with some distinct plants for the ideal gift for your plant-loving friend.

Inked Glass Jars

Alcohol inks produce an amazing drip effect on recycled glass vases. Play around with various color combinations for a unique gift that complements a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Decanter Flower Vase

Wine decanters make nice gifts on their own. For a different twist on a standard gift. Create a personalized glass decanter and fill it with an assortment of colorful wildflowers.

Heart-Shaped Herb Markers

These adorable herb markers are ideal for the budding chef, helping keep their living ingredients organized. Pair them with a variety of herbs for a gift that will both taste and smell delicious!

Floral Inspired Large Photo Album

Sustain your loved one’s memories with a wonderful large-format photo book. Pick a favorite plant or floral pattern for the cover and make a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

Gift Basket Ideas for Older Couples

Personalize a gift basket for the elderly couple in your life.

You can get truly creative with this one. What do you get an older couple who has it all? You create a personalized or themed gift basket of treats. From Italian dinner night gift cards or everything, they’d need for a fabulous movie night, these gifts baskets ideas are amazing.

Monogrammed Towels

New towels are always the norm when it comes to wedding gifts. The best part is, they will be used. But why not take it to the next level by getting the biggest, softest spa towels around for the happy older couple? Next, get them monogrammed with their initials, last name, or something delightful like “his” and “hers.

Recipe Book

Gift them with a new recipe book. It can be one that will hold all their family recipes in one place. It’s the ideal way to keep their favorites in one, safe spot, never lost. All the secrets to the Thanksgiving dinner can be passed on throughout generations with ease

Personalized/Matching Carry-On Bags

And these gifts will give them an even bigger and better reason why they should keep traveling past their younger years. They’ll love that they each will have their own gift with this choice, but it’s still really nice for a couple. They can enjoy their new bags and dream about all the fun places they’ll be able to go together.

Give the gift of a fantastic experience! Give your favorite couple a wonderful spa weekend, a few hours at the go-kart track, or even a bungee or skydiving jumping package! Ask them for ideas if you need to, or just say “What’s something you have never done before that has always piqued your interest?”

Couple’s Massage

This might not be one of the more unique ideas, but it’s still one that will make any older couple smile. Give them a gift card to cash in on when they’re in the mood or schedule it for them to include on their vacation plans.

Puzzle Book Gift Basket

If you know someone who loves puzzle books then this gift basket is for them.

Puzzle book baskets for adults provide boredom busting fun for any occasion. Book baskets with puzzle books are excellent gifts for family, grandparents, co-workers, and friends. Variety/Crossword puzzles, word search, and sudoku are included in puzzle book gift baskets. You can create get well baskets and birthday gift baskets with puzzles for everyone and every budget.

Puzzle books make perfect gifts since everyone can enjoy them.

Book baskets with puzzle books are the correct mix of boredom busting entertainment and the personal touch.

Puzzle Gift Basket Ideas

A basket complete with tasty snacks and games for the whole family.

Fun times are coming! Give this fun-filled and sweet treats puzzle gift basket to someone special. A nice gift right for many occasions. You can include an assortment of fun and games as well as pencils and other things that may interest the recipient.

A devoted puzzle fanatic isn’t happy by solving a simple problem. They desire cryptic crosswords, tangled mazes, and abstract jigsaw puzzles to feel excited. Below are some puzzle gift basket ideas to stimulate the mind of the puzzle lover in your life.

You can include:

  • Checkers game set
  • Word search puzzle book
  • Sudoku puzzle book
  • Crossword puzzle book
  • Tic-tac-toe wooden game set
  • Word boggle game cube
  • Finger bowling game
  • Mini travel game
  • Cowbell noisemaker
  • Uno card game
  • 3 smiley face suckers
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Nutter butter peanut butter cookies
  • M & M’s milk chocolate plain candies
  • M & M’s Peanut candies
  • Skittles fruit candies
  • Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies
  • Butter microwave popcorn
  • Old Fashioned Caramel corn
  • Deck of casino-style playing cards

It’s Game Time!

Make their day with this fun-filled and unique gift set. Filled the basket to the brim with weeks’ worth of great family fun and lots of delicious treats. Here are some suggestions: Yahtzee, Uno, playing cards, checkers, and handheld travel size activity game.


Dinner in a Gift Basket: Margherita Pizza (Part I)

Pizza is always a great gift.

A homemade pizza night gift basket! How cool is this? I adore the idea of giving this to someone who loves cooking or a family with little ones to help make the pizza, or as a hostess gift, or as a nice little house-warming gift to start the first home-cooked meal in a new kitchen.

It doesn’t necessitate much. Only a trip to the grocery store. Lots of the ingredients are dry goods or pantry items which makes it really easy to put together.


  • Flour
  • Sea salt
  • Active dry yeast
  • Canned tomatoes
  • Extra Virgin olive oil
  • Mozzarella
  • Basil
  • Parmigiano Reggiano


  • Recipe card and envelope, if you’d like]
  • Wire basket or another vessel
  • Tissue paper
  • Baker’s twine
  • Labels
  • Glass jars for flour, salt, and olive oil
  • Cloth towel
  • Wooden spoon

Honestly, the best thing about making a pizza gift basket is how flexible it is as a gift. You can vary contents, price range, and occasions. Obviously, it would make a great wedding gift idea, but it also works as a gift idea for a housewarming gift, men, a graduation gift, a gift for a millennial. A great gift for anyone.

If you have a pizza pan or stone to work with, you can use that as the base and put things on top, then cover with cellophane. Also, you could pile things into a mixing bowl.  Also, choose a gift bag but make sure that it will be able to keep the weight of the items you buy.

Don’t forget that they might not get the opportunity to eat these things right away. So, it’s best to avoid adding ingredients that may go bad in the meantime.  If you are giving the gift as a birthday present, then fresh foods might work just fine.