Hiking Gift Basket Ideas

Get your hiker a gift card. 

If you have your life together enough, to plan way ahead enough, to put together your own hiking gift basket, you are doing great. People have been going back and forth over time between putting plenty of time, thought and effort into making the ideal gift basket. Other times, you just want to get a gift card or e-gift card and call it a day. When it comes to gifting folks who love to hike, a gift card can be your last option. 

While hiking gift baskets might take a little extra time and thought to put together, it is well worth it to go the extra mile and gift something you realize your hiking friend will truly appreciate and use for years. 

Hiking Gift Basket Ideas

A complete hammock setup. A hammock, rainfly, bug net, straps and carabiners needed to put it up. This is the perfect gift for anyone who’s wanting to do hammock camping.

A cook set should have a cooking pot, camping stove, spoon, scrubbing pads, soap, and fuel. This is perfect for folks who enjoy day hiking but are new to backpacking. They are beginning to collect their gear or wanting to replace the heavy, old gear they have sitting around. If you want to put in some extra love, put in a few backpacking meals or their favorite trail snacks. Remember, you can’t fly with fuel canisters, so keep that for a local hiker.

The hiker’s poop kit has toilet paper, hand sanitizer, deuce of spades, all in a Ziploc bag. This might seem like a stupid hiking gift, but everyone has pooped. Folks even carry a poop kit on day hikes because you just never know. You can also include a book about pooping in the woods if they’re not already a pro. 


Making a Gift Basket for a Photographer (Part II)

Your photographer would love a gift certificate to turn their photos into other creations like posters and blankets. 

Decide on some backup tools such as a throw-away point and shoot camera (digital and/or regular). They can be taken anywhere and tossed once used. Try a digital key chain so the person can carry some of their prized shots wherever they go. A backup camera cover is always a good gift as well as lens covers.

Give them a gift certificate to an internet photo site where they can alter their most prized photos into paintings, posters, or other great things such as mousepads, T-shirts, or coffee mugs. Include a gift card to a local photo shop where they can purchase the supplies they want.

Put everything inside the basket, bag or tote and wrap it with clear cellophane paper. Put a ribbon around the top, put on a bow and a card and you have the ideal photographer’s gift basket.

Avoid pricey gifts that may make the receiver uneasy. Don’t buy any equipment without knowing the photographer’s brand and type of camera.

Photo Editor License

Photolemur is an Automatic Editor, which applies distinct changes to images with just one click. It’s good for folks who frequently have lots of photos and don’t want to spend hours editing.

SD Card Pouch

HDE Waterproof Memory Card Travel Case is a clip-on pouch that guarantees you won’t ever lose your SD card again. Also, this pocket-size carrying case is the ideal travel companion for your camera.

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

This amazing printer prints right from your tablet or mobile phone using Bluetooth or NFC technology. Photos are smudge-proof, full-color, and have a sticky paper that peels back. The perfect gift.

Go Pro HERO7 Camera

For both the extreme sports enthusiast and photographer, the Go Pro HERO 7 camera shoots in its 4K video and has one-button simplicity, voice control, touch display, and waterproof design.
There is a less expensive version: Go Pro 4.


Making a Gift Basket for a Photographer (Part I)

Photographers capture beauty and smiles. You can capture theirs by giving them a gift basket full of photography goodies.

Pick a basket for the photography items. Or, better yet, use a tote or camera bag that the photographer can use to carry some of their items. Buy one or more photography books that talk about everything from the basics to advanced photography.

Put in a couple of photography magazines. Select various types so that the person can decide which ones she may want to subscribe to in the future. If the person has a magazine preference, then buy them a 12-month subscription to that magazine. Put a card in the basket that shows the subscription.

Consider one or two first-class items. One of them has to definitely be a tripod. There are plenty of funky new tripod designs out there, priced as low as $10. This is a gift the photographer will use for many years to come. Another may be a timing cord. 

These don’t habitually come with a camera. Yet, most photographers would enjoy having one for time-lapse photography. Put in one or two camera lenses. Consider a flash, if the photographer doesn’t have one now.

Include some fun things such as colored gels. Photographers enjoy experimenting. Using colored gels gives them hours of photographic fun. Go for a flash diffuser. That little thing almost always comes in handy. Most photographers don’t really think to buy one for themselves. Lastly, if you aren’t using a camera bag as the gift holder, then add a small one into the basket.

Give some of the necessities like a couple of memory cards for digital photographers or a couple of rolls of film for those who like the tried and true. Photographers can never have an adequate amount of film or memory cards. Put in a couple of cans of lens cleaner or compressed air for cleaning the camera and accessories.

Gift Basket Ideas for Cancer Patients (Part II) 314 words

Cancer can take it’s toll on faith.

Keep the Faith Gift Basket

A cancer diagnosis can test one’s faith. This gift basket is not for everyone. However, if your loved one is spiritual, offer them a basket with the poems, scripture, amazing photos, and an online subscription to sermons. You can offer to pray with them as a lovely gesture.

During your Treatment Gift Basket

Include items to assist your loved one through their treatment. A journal and pen will be helpful to record how they are feeling, side effects, improvements, track progress, a spot to vent and be frustrated. Put in an inspirational book like Tari Prinster’s Yoga For Cancer, The New York Time’s Picture Your Life After Cancer, or Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture. Another nice gesture is a gift card to a local store for daily essentials like unscented lotion and tissues.

Treatment Travel Gift Basket

Many patients have to go far for treatment at particular cancer medical centers. This means numerous flights, hotels, or long drives as well as time in waiting rooms. Fill up a gift basket with traveling necessities such as toothpaste, mini unscented soaps, toothbrush, a portable charger, good books, and magazines.

Good for… Jar

Your loved one may be most grateful for something that isn’t even a physical item. Fill a decorative jar with “good for” notes that offer to take care of the lawn, cook dinner, do the laundry, walk the dog, watch the kids, shovel the snow and more.

Gift Card Bucket

Join forces on this basket with a couple of friends as it may get a little expensive. Fill a basket with different gift cards to aid with the expenses that cancer can sustain. Grocery store cards, gas cards, pharmacy cards, movie theater cards, handwritten “card” offering to cover the cost of a monthly bill, gift cards to their preferred store, etc.


Gift Basket Ideas for Cancer Patients (Part I)


Someone you love has cancer. You would like to give them a gift basket. But did you know that some typical gift basket items are a huge no-no for cancer patients, while some things you may not have considered would be greatly appreciated?

Gift baskets can make fantastic presents. Each one is distinct, offering creativity and variety. You can customize the gift to the specific person you’re giving the basket to. All the more reason to create your basket by hand instead of purchasing one already made.

Having Cancer

Many of the pre-made baskets found in stores contain food or spa items such as scented candles and lotions. For cancer patients, radiation and chemo can change their sense of smell. This means their favorite candle or perfume might become insufferable and cause nausea.

Likewise, treatment can alter taste buds or even produce mouth sores, meaning your loved one who used to love sea salt cashews may not want to even look at them. Some patients have dietary restrictions so gifting them something they can’t enjoy is torture. Use this article as your guide for making the perfect gift basket for your loved one who is in treatment.

Give your loved one a spa gift basket to put a smile on their face.

Spa Day Gift Basket

Pamper your friend with a basket full of unscented lotions since cancer patients can have a sensitive sense of smell. Other great items are lip balms, slippers, a plush bathrobe a back scratcher or massager. Put in a CD of soothing music and noises or make a playlist.

Entertainment and Enjoyment Gift Basket

Cancer treatment can take a toll on patients mentally, physically, and emotionally. Offer distraction and entertainment with a basket filled with enjoyable items including books (like audiobooks), board games, mad libs or cards to play with loved ones, tickets to the movies, a local museum, or sports games. 


California-Inspired Gift Baskets Ideas (Part III)


Olive and Poppy Lucite Barrel Earrings

These sweet little studs are created from reclaimed oak barrels used to age Napa Valley vintages. A lucite stripe flawlessly complements the wine-stained wood.

Lejon Carson Belt

This handcrafted belt will last a lifetime without putting holes in your pockets. Based in Riverside County, Lejon specializes in leather goods including items created from vintage bison hide.

Made in San Diego, your recipient is sure to love Vira Sun Lotus sunglasses.

Vira Sun Lotus Sunglasses

A totally unexpected gift for the yogi you love. These glasses, crafted in San Diego, have Beachwood arms specifically designed to stay put during her practice. Available for men as well.

Google Home Hub

The true Silicon Valley success story, software giant Google jumps into the hardware sector. This smart assistant has a home screen so you can say things such as, “Hey Google, what are the best bars in California?”

LSTN The Troubadour Headphones

Centered in Los Angeles, LSTN makes wonderful audio products that benefit the Starkey Hearing Foundation. These wireless beauties are created from real wood and vegan leather.

Waterfield Fused Suede Phone Case

For that person who thinks their iPhone is an extension of their hand (deserving of a lavish glove). This case is made in San Francisco from butter-soft, silky suede.

Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch

After apprenticing with some of the top watchmakers around the globe, Cameron Weiss went on a mission to bring back American watchmaking to the West Coast. The family-owned business creates signature timepieces out of their studio in Torrance.

Orient & Flume Paperweight

So much more than just a paperweight, any gift from Orient & Flume is a piece of life-lasting and amazing art. Designs from this Chico, California studio can be seen in museums as prominent as the Met and Smithsonian, but are available for buying by consumers as well. 


California-Inspired Gift Baskets Ideas (Part II)

Give your recipient a bit of Cali with these gift basket ideas.

Cowgirl Creamery Coastal Celebration

For the foodie who has it all, you can’t go wrong with this gift basket from Cowgirl Creamery. Enjoy skillfully crafted dairy from farms along the Northern Coast.

Indy Plush Great White Shark

Help save this species endangered on our Pacific Coast. Created in Los Angeles, all animals from Indy Plush are stuffed with 100% recycled water bottles. 15% of your Great White purchase goes to safeguarding these beautiful beasts.

Mel Rice Ceramica Indigo Wine Cup

Inspired by the Pacific’s wild waters and hand made from porcelain in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset, you can’t have a lovelier way to enjoy a glass of wine. Combined with a subscription to the Sonoma Wine Shop Club or the Santa Ynez Valley Wine Club to make sure their cup never goes dry.

Temecula Olive Oil Company Sampler Pack

Taste three flavors of sunshine in a bottle with the best seller’s pack from the experts at Temecula Olive Oil Company. Discover your favorite flavor: Olivum (real goodness with a nutty finish), Citrus Reserve (mixed with blood oranges), or Roasted Garlic Reserve.

Hangar 1 Fog Point Vodka

Distillers at Hangar 1 in Oakland insist that one can taste the delicate scent of a San Francisco morning in this small-batch, smooth spirit. That’s because mesh nets around the bay catch fog water which is then combined with vodka created from California grapes.

Santa Maria Mini Grill

Santa Maria-style barbecue gets its signature flavor from meat rubbed with spices, grilled over an open flame. This mini grill comes with spices, leather cooking gloves, meat turner, and special sauce.

Dôen Zuri Dress

Coveted by fashion editors across the nation, Dôen is a collective of female designers based in Los Angeles motivated by “nostalgia for the California of past decades.” This long-sleeved, timeless dress is ideal for winter.

California-Inspired Gift Baskets Ideas (Part I)

If you’re looking for a California inspired gift basket, there’s plenty that you can put in there to give your recipient a good experience of this beautiful state.

From sun-soaked beaches to redwood forests, the state’s true beauty is an inspiration for makers, artists, photographers, technologists and lots of other individuals. If you want to make a well put together California-inspired gift basket, here are some incredible gift items for any California dreamer on your list.

Schweiger Vineyards 2014 Chardonnay

Savor the flava of Napa Valley’s Spring Mountain grapes while giving to a relief fund for wildfire survivors. 100% of the purchase price of this fruit-forward chardonnay goes directly to the Camp Fire Victim’s Fund.

LuluSimonStudio California Love Sweatshirt

Based in Concord, LuluSimonStudio is famous for producing clothes and accessories with ingenious taglines. This cozy sweatshirt is all heart with 50% of the sales being donated to the North Valley Community Foundation Camp Fire Relief Fund.

Sierra Nevada Resilience Butte County Proud IPA

Longtime Butte County resident and legendary brewer Ken Grossman decided to aid fire relief efforts in the best way he knows how: by creating a specialty brew, Resilience Butte County Proud IPA. 100% of the proceeds go to the Camp Fire Relief Fund. The beer is available at selected breweries. Brave folks are encouraged to brew a batch of their own with the available recipe.

Yosemite National Park Pine Candle

Fill your home with notes of freshly chopped granite, wood, and lodgepole pine. This Parks Project candle delivers the magic of a Yosemite camping trip right into your house. The profits from the candles go to preserving the park.

Scents of San Francisco Candle

Fill a house with the scents of a San Francisco neighborhood by buying a candle from Scents of San Francisco. The candles mix different fragrances to come up with a scent that resonates with a certain neighborhood, covering anyone from Golden Gate Park to the Castro.

Gift Basket Ideas for Snowboarders and Skiers (Part V)


Smartwool PhD Ski Light Elite Buttermilk Nights Print

With artwork from professional skier Chris Benchetler, these socks are made to inspire. The socks are ideal for high-performance backcountry pursuits, thanks to the Indestructawool durability technology and body-mapped mesh zones.

Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat

You can never go wrong with a Carhartt hat. Dependable, affordable, and stylish, it keeps the head warm on and off the slopes and is bound to score some street cred. An added bonus: it comes in over 35 colors.

Yeti Rambler HotShot Bottle

Tote hot chocolate, hot coffee, or hot toddies all over the mountain in this leakproof, stainless steel 12-oz. vessel. A half-twist of the HotShot cap offers easy sipping while the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages warm or cold for hours. 

Vermont Smoke and Cure Beef and Pork Sticks

The perfect lift grub is savory, simple, and shareable. This perfectly describes this sampler pack of meat sticks. The Cracked Pepper, BBQ, and Chipotle-flavored snacks are free of antibiotics, artificial preservatives, and added hormones. They’re also absolutely delicious.

The North Face Thermoball Bootie

With a water-resistant, 100% recycled ripstop upper, partially recycled rubber outsole, and cozy PrimaLoft synthetic insulation, these booties are a welcome respite from even the least distressing ski boot.

Get your skier a good pair of gloves.

Flylow Maine Line Glove

The perfect snow glove doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. This affordably priced Flylow classic has the goods with pre-treated waterproof pigskin, a tight cuff that effortlessly slips under a jacket and a conversation-starting design that unites the dexterity of a glove with the warmth of a mitten.

Gear Patrol Magazine Subscription

Gear Patrol Magazine takes a long look into the culture and the latest products. Inside every issue, you’ll find rich maker profiles, seasonal buying guides, and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design. Receive four print magazines, delivered every quarter, with a year subscription.

Gift Basket Ideas for Snowboarders and Skiers (Part IV)


SAXX Cannonball 2N1 Swim Short

Thanks to the trademarked BallPark Pouch, Saxx’s boxer briefs might just be the most comfortable ever. The package-pampering benefits go to these breathable mesh-lined swim shorts which come in seven styles, making them perfect for a relaxing dip in the hot tub after a long shred session.

Airblaster Classic Ninja Suit

This uber-comfortable onesie makes first layering easy while boasting a host of smart-fit features. Key features are four-way stretch AirTech fabric, a seven-panel form-fitting hood, thumb loops, full-length front zip and a 350-degree waist zip to make all of nature’s calls easy.

California Cowboy High Sierra Shirt

Beyond its good looks and charm, the High Sierra is filled with clever, après-friendly features. Think a sunglass loop, thermal lining, a dry pocket, a bottle opener, a locker loop for gloves and the coup de grâce: a labeled extra pocket in the back for stashing anything, including an extra beer. It comes in eight colorways.

Snow goggles are a must when skiing or snowboarding.

Smith 4D MAG Snow Goggles

Smith has long been a frontrunner in the goggle game, and this high-quality product lives up to the name. Spherical Chromapop lenses with Birdseye Vision offer a huge field of view. AirEvac tech stops fogging and a magnet-based system makes changing lenses to accommodate changing light conditions simpler than it’s ever been.

Epic Pass

The price might seem high, but for the avid boarder or skier who likes to travel, it’s really a bargain. After all, the Epic Pass offers access to over 40 North American ski areas, such as Heavenly, Vail, Whistler-Blackcomb, Park City, Sun Valley, and Stowe, as well as 21 resorts in Italy, France, Switzerland and 10 in Japan. If you are the sort of person who loves to hit the slopes frequently enough, this pass will pay for itself by January.