Gift Basket Ideas for Cat Lovers

Cat lover’s gift baskets are created with special cats in mind, making the baskets nice cat gifts for any occasion. With a cat lover’s gift basket, you’ll always express the precise sentiment you want to say. On the other hand, if you yourself are a cat lover, think about astounding your own cat for no reason at all.

A gift basket for a cat lover is sure to bring joy to both the owner and the cat.

If you want to put a little human gift into the cat lover’s gift basket, below are a few items you might want to consider:

  • candy
  • dried fruit
  • gourmet cheese
  • popcorn
  • cracker or cookie packets
  • cat figurine
  • cat picture frame
  • cat book
  • cat inspired charm or magnet


When to Send a Cat Lover’s Gift Basket

You can send a cat gift basket at any time including:

  • thanks to a pet sitter for being so great
  • thanks to organizations such as local shelters
  • thanks to, your veterinarian’s office, groomers, pet stores
  • congratulations to someone on becoming a vet tech
  • a “welcome to the family” for a new or adopted kitten or cat
  • get well wish for kitty to “pounce back” soon


Contents of an Online Gift Basket

Be sure that any food items or treats in an online gift basket are always the freshest possible. If you buy a gift basket online you can also expect most businesses to attach a handwritten gift card with a special message from you, putting a personal touch that the cat lover can keep as a reminder of your considerate gesture.

Because so many folks treat their pets like one of the family, gift baskets for cat lovers are great for both cat and owner alike. It doesn’t matter the reason, to celebrate the cat’s birthday, its owner’s birthday, or to say hello, both cat and owner will be happy to get a cat lovers gift basket.


Gamer Gift Basket

Is your boo one of those super-hard-to-shop-for dudes? The one who doesn’t need much or just want pricey gadgets that are way out of your budget?

So many men like to play video games in their spare time and with that in mind, below are some ideal gift basket ideas for gamers. They will surely appreciate them and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

A lot of men like to play video games in their spare time so give them a gift that’s thoughtful, creative, and unique.

I love to give my man creative, thoughtful, and unique gifts, but he doesn’t always appreciate them like practical, simple gifts. These baskets deliver the perfect balance since they provide the best of both worlds – practical and creative!

Printable Gifts for Gamers

Take your basket idea to the next level. Go online to see what some others have done for gamer gift baskets. One that is cute and uncostly is to print out “favors” for your gamers. You’ll be impressed with some of the printable ideas that you can include in a gift basket with the usual favorite video games, snacks, new controllers, etc. These printables are cute, but not too cute for your man to like.

Seriously, how much would your man enjoy getting a basket filled with various goodies? The best part is the gamer gift basket couldn’t be simpler to put together. Have a banner across the front of it saying “Baby, You’ve Got Game” and begin adding little gaming fundamentals. Instead of a basket, you can just put everything into a wooden crate so it will be a little more “manly” for your man.

You don’t have to do a lot of shopping to make this basket. You can write some gamer-themed love notes on card stock, put them in, and then your man can use them while he’s gaming to get a kiss or something else he might want.

Ideas for Vegan Gift Baskets

Vegan gifts are for anyone and they don’t have to be complicated. After all, vegans are just like everyday people who appreciate a little affection from someone they love. All they ask is that no animals be harmed in the creation of the gift.

But gift buying for vegans is simpler than you might think. So, whether your loved ones are vegetarian, plant based-curious, all-out omnivores, or vegan, below are a few vegan gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to their faces and many blessings from the animal world.

Natural Vegan Bath Bombs Gift Box

Naturally fragrant vegan bath salts are usually certified USDA organic and they’re made in the USA. You can treat your vegan loved one with healing, anti-inflammatory ingredients like dead sea salt, kaolin clay, Epsom salts, shea butter, and vitamin E. Each bath bomb is scented with a unique fragrance from natural essential oils. No artificial fragrances or colors are used.

Vegan Gift Basket with Healthy Snacks

When you’re buying snacks for your gift basket for your vegan friends, don’t forget that they don’t consume or use any animal products.

Hungry vegans will enjoy a vegan snacks gift box. Bunny James is a company that is well-liked. This company sells baskets that have 20 various sweet and savory vegan snacks. Family, friends, students, loved ones in the military, and anyone else will enjoying munching on these grab-and-go vegan treats.

Vegan Pins

Many vegans have a sense of honor about their plant-based lifestyle and they enjoy spreading the message of eco-green, compassion, and healthy living. If your vegan friend isn’t ready for a tattoo, a vegan pin can do the job. They’ll like having a cute pin in their Christmas stocking or as an individual gift.

Another vegan gift basket idea is to just fill a basket with fair trade organic gourmet foods, tasty vegan treats, fresh-roasted organic coffee, delicious snacks, and organic teas. Vegan jerky, vegan chocolates, sweet and salty nuts, gluten-free cookies and anything else you can come up with that is good, organic, and animal-cruelty free.

Gift Basket Items for Keto Lovers (Part II)

Kimera Koffee – Nootropic Infused Ground Coffee

Coffee is one thing that those following the ketogenic way of eating can indulge in as long as the additives in the coffee are keto-friendly. 

If your low-carb enthusiast is into coffee and biohacking (a fancy term for improving energy and brain power), they’ll love Kimera Koffee. It’s a nootropic infused ground coffee which has been around for the last few years.

The flavor is delicious, smooth and has nootropics (brain enhancers) which offer optimized focus and boost your workouts with enhanced energy. It’s good stuff and health-focused folks will enjoy how much it improves their mental energy.

Primal Kitchen – Mayo Combo Pack (Original and Chipotle Lime)

People that are health conscious and enjoy a natural, whole food item will go nuts for this mayonnaise. This brand of mayo is a wonderful gift for all foodies given their top-quality. Regularly use them to bring more flavor to meats and veggies when you want a little boost. The chipotle flavor is very tasty.

It’s the first-ever oil-based avocado mayo, crafted with vinegar and cage-free organic eggs. It is free of soy, canola oil, sugar, gluten, dairy, and non-GMO Project Verified. This is excellent stuff and a great gift for anyone regardless if they follow a low-carb or ketogenic diet or not.

Keto Snack Box

Who wouldn’t like to get this box of low-carb, paleo good stuff? Hampers are always well received due to the vast variety of items included. It feels like getting lots of gifts instead of one. If you want to give the gift of abundance, then this is the right one.

Keto Snack Box includes snacks from the best brands like Vital Proteins, Primal Kitchen, Epic and more.

Low-Carb Gifts That Keep on Giving $35-$100

KetoKrate Keto Snacks Subscription

KetoKrate offers a box of the best low-carb, gluten-free, keto snacks sourced from around the globe to your doorstep each month.

A subscription to Ketokrate would be an amazing gift for those who love to snack and like discovering new low-carb foods.


Gift Basket Items for Keto Lovers (Part I)

If you’re searching for just the right thing to give your health-conscious keto family member, mom, or friend, below are some fabulous gift ideas to pick from. You’ll even see a special present for the mama who has everything and some solid ideas for the fellas.

Show your loved ones following a ketogenic diet some love with these fabulous presents that celebrate the low-carb lifestyle!

Receiving keto-approved snacks, especially sweet treats like dark chocolate, is one of the best gifts you can give to someone following this way of eating.

Low-Carb Keto Food Gifts $15-$40

Keto Manna Ketogenic Chocolate Fudge

Busy folks will like this Ketogenic Chocolate Fudge since it is keto-optimized with MCTs and every bar contains just 2g of net carbs. These are excellent to have in your tote bag for when you are out and about without access to good-tasting low-carb foods. Also, Keto Manna is 100% plant-based so okay for vegans.

ChocZero’s Keto Bark, Dark Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt

ChocZero dark chocolate bars are a tasty, high-quality treat to keep stashed in a desk or bag for a quick keto-approved snack. This chocolate is sweetened with monk fruit and sugar-free.

LILY’S Chocolate – Super Variety Pack

Lily’s chocolate is great for low-carbers. It’s sugar-free, gluten-free, sweetened with stevia and low in carbs. These have non-GMO ingredients and fair trade cocoa. It’s a true gourmet, top-quality product for low-carb folks who appreciate the finer things in life.

Perfect Keto Single Serve Keto Coffee Sachets

Bulletproof coffee addicts are going to enjoy this product from Perfect Keto. It’s said that the mocha flavor ones taste like a creamy hot chocolate. The other flavors are unflavored and vanilla.

If you’re buying for someone who doesn’t add sweetener to his/her coffee, then go with the unflavored. The other flavors are ideal for those who like a little sweetener in their coffee.

It’s got the good fats you desire in your coffee all up in an instant version. All you have to do is add the sachet to boiling water and give it a good stir.


Newborn Baby Gift Basket

Perfect for the nursery, a newborn baby gift basket can be stacked in a neat tower and filled to the brim with presents for the new arrival.

A newborn baby gift basket is the perfect baby shower gift for mom-to-be and baby.


Expectant parents are eager and you want to make this baby gift basket the best. This list of baby gift basket items come in a variety of different themes, sizes, and types to pick from. Mom-to-be will be happy with a newborn baby gift basket that includes blankets, outfits, and bath products. Start the little one off right and do it in style!

Receiving blanket
White one-piece bodysuit
Color print one-piece bodysuit
Newborn cap
Yellow and orange velour giraffe rattle
Wee Bears 6″ plush teddy bear in a yellow baby chick costume
Flower magnet
Board book
White basket


First Birthday Gift Basket

Your precious little boo-boo is turning one so create the best first birthday gift basket to celebrate this special occasion. Thank heaven for little ones’ birthday gifts you can buy and customize! Find unique personalized birthday gift items for a one-year-old online or in store.

Choices include items such as apparel, blankets, and nursery decor. A keepsake will help you remember this big moment. A customized first birthday gift basket can be made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Their first birthday will be one to remember. Make it extraordinary with a birthday gift basket that includes bibs, socks, bath toys, books, DVDs, stuffed animals, and more. These wonderful birthday gift baskets will bring happiness on their birthday and for days to come. They will love tearing into their gift basket and seeing what’s inside.

Included in this Gift:


10.5″ Plush Teddy Bear with Ribbon Bow.


Baby Washcloth, Flannel Blanket

Playtex Nail Clips

Sesame Street Hairbrush and Comb

Bubble bath

Rubber duckies




Gift Baskets Goodies for Hair Stylists (Part I)

Your hair stylist has the power to give your life a total makeover, making you look fabulous. Each time they work the magic of their hands on your hair, they have your crowning glory looking marvelous. Thoughtful gifts basket ideas for hair stylists make amazing tokens of appreciation for the incredible work they do.

Hairdressers work hard to make sure that their clients are always looking their best.

Hairdresser Scissors Comb Wine Glass Stemless or Stemmed

At the end of a long day, your hair stylist, like anyone else needing a moment or 20 to relax and chill. Make these moments very special with themed wine glasses.

Holding the power to change any day into a good day, it is the sort of thing hair stylists needs. A pair of scissors and a comb on the wine glass adds a nice personal touch. Make their day, each day with this fun gift idea.

Personalized Black Leather Scissor Case

Simple yet necessary! A case for your hair stylist’s scissors is one of the best hair salon gift ideas. Not only do they make the salon plenty safer, but they safeguard your hair stylist’s tools of the trade.

Made from top-quality leather, they are durable and elegant. The craftsmanship delivers visual appeal and the ability to withstand years of usage.

Keychain for Hair Stylist

Watch your hair stylist shout in joy when you get her or him one this cool and funny gift. These keychains usually have a pair of scissors charm and a dog tag with a funny saying.

It might go a long way in making sure he or she gets back their keys if ever the keys are misplaced. You can count on the notion that it will keep them smiling from ear to ear each time they read the message.

Graduation Gift for Hair Stylist

Searching for the perfect graduation gift for a hairdresser? Well, how about getting them all they need to begin their new career?

With an adorable hair stylist bracelet, they will get to wear their passion and show everyone what they stand for.

Post Race Gift Basket for Marathons and Half-Marathons (Part II)

Joint & Muscle Cream. I included joint & muscle Cream with capsaicin and boswellia. Also, this cream is paraben-free and cruelty-free.

Post-Workout Freshen-Up Spray. I put together a DIY oil body spray to help them feel fresh after their race. It’s got a nice, clean scent and my BFF said she truly loved using it.

Lip Balm. Help stop cracked and dry lips with lip balm. My absolute favorites are the ones that are organic and scented.

Cookies and protein bars. I bought a host of post-race snacks such as complete cookies and protein bars. Protein is vital for post-race recovery and these snacks would be great starting points.

Makeup Remover Wipes. Not that my BFF wears makeup while running, but these pre-moistened wipes are excellent for wiping your face on-the-go.

Post race gift baskets help runners like this on refuel after a long race and stay healthy.

Water and Electrolyte Replacement Drinks. This is all personal preference, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to have a few extra drinks for them.

Ibuprofen. I always like to have some ibuprofen on hand for minor aches and soreness. I figured this would be necessary after 26.2 or 13. 1 miles.

Body Glide. This is a must for runners. Chafing is real and body glide is like magic for prevention.

I think I put plenty of key items for post-race recovery, but I also thought of a couple of other runner gift ideas that you can use for anniversaries or birthdays.

Other gifts for runners:

Apple Gift Cards. Being able to download a specific song, or being able to subscribe to Apple Music and having lots of music at your fingertips is super cool.

A gift` card to their favorite running or sporting goods store. Good running shoes are pricey. Help pay for their next pair.

Sport Sunglasses. These are very important for protecting the eyes from those harmful UV rays. A normal pair of sunglasses won’t do it and these have special grippers at the nose and above the ears to remain in place.

Post-Race Gift Basket for Marathons and Half-Marathons (Part I)

When my BFF and her hubby were running a marathon, I did tons of research to find out what runners required after a marathon. Post-race recovery is critical, and I wanted to spoil my friends a little and take getting post-race supplies off their hands. Here are some good ideas for gifts for runners that can be put into a post-race gift basket.

Marathon runners (and half-marathon runners) have plenty to think about. Pace, training schedules, pace, the right gear, playlists, hydration, counting macros, and lots of other things have to be considered. On top of that, there’s the mental preparation.

Crossing the finish line deserves a great basket

Believe me when I say, by the time race day is present, they’re going to be so happy to finally accomplish their goals, but also ready to chill once the race is over. A post-marathon gift basket shows my support and to take one small thing off their plates.

I searched the internet for suggestions about what runners required most post marathons and post-half-marathons. Here’s what I found out to include in my post-race recovery gift basket. I also included a few items from them that fit perfectly with this theme.


More particularly, Hydro-Seal Blister Band-Aids. These come in various shapes and sizes. I picked the ones for toes and for heels. This waterproof bandage offers the optimal wound healing environment and is crafted to offer cushioning against painful wounds or blisters to shield from further rubbing.

First-aid mini kit

I chose a tiny kit of antibiotic ointment, bandages, and cleansing wipes for any other
cuts or scrapes they might get.

Instant Cold Packs

These ready-to-use packs are handy during post-race recovery and it’s cool they
don’t need to be frozen or refrigerated ahead of time.

Epsom Salt

A post-race soak is always a splendid idea. You can find epsom salts at your local grocery store or even on the internet.

Grilling Gift Basket

BBQ cooking set

Grilling gifts are fun and always a good choice for the backyard Grill Masters! BBQ gift baskets include tasty grilling marinades, BBQ rubs, zesty cooking sauces, and plenty more! So, whether your special someone is a novice grilling guru or a pro grill master, a grilling gift basket will impress. Grilling gift baskets are hot!

Giving gifts on a special occasion creates a strong bond. This norm includes a vast assortment of products. There can be various gifts for a grill lover. One of them is the grill basket. These baskets can be of plastic or other suitable materials and usually include sauces, marinades, pepperonis and grilling tools. This basket is an easy way of having all the grilling needs in one place.

What to Include

A BBQ gift basket is great for a Father’s Day present. A father will love to put up the grill with all his great accessories. The basket can include sauces, dips and many more things with a convenient place to store them. Don’t forget the beer cheese dips. Include some snacks the grill master can enjoy while cooking like BBQ Kettle chips and flaming hot smoky beef steak jerky.

If you are giving a BBQ gift basket to someone who has invited you to a party, include gourmet goodies, like Jack Daniels sauces and marinades, gourmet coffee, gourmet cheese, and gourmet pretzels. You can also include a reusable cooler bag. This makes it perfect to carry all these goodies along on picnics and trips.

Other good suggestions include grill wipes, cotton hand towel, stick lighter, hamburger patty press, and mini BBQ grill mates. The hand towels can have a BBQ theme. Include anything else you might see when going shopping or you know that your recipient might like. This makes an incredible gift for someone who loves to grill.